Ways To Incorporate Cornmeal Into Your Gluten-Free Diet

If you cannot eat foods containing gluten, you may start to feel a bit limited as to what you can eat. So many foods are made with wheat and wheat flour! Thankfully, cornmeal is a cereal grain product that does not contain gluten. Some cornmeal is processed on machines that also process wheat, meaning that it may contain traces of gluten. But if you purchase cornmeal that is specifically labeled as " Read More 

Making Guacamole With Avocado Powder: 2 Ways

One of the simplest things to do with your avocado powder is to make guacamole. It's a versatile and delicious dip. You can use it to dip tortilla chips or pita bread, or you can pile it on your tacos and burritos. There are many different styles of guacamole you can make, but here are two that are specifically worth trying. Chunky Guacamole Since this guacamole is made with avocado powder, the avocado base itself won't be chunky. Read More 

The Addition of Wholesale Honey Roasted Pecans to Your Inventory

Pecans are a popular tree nut that can be enjoyed as a snack or used as an ingredient that will add texture and a nutty flavor to desserts or main courses. If your business plans include promoting some healthy snacks this fall, purchasing wholesale honey-roasted pecans will save you time and money that can be repurposed during the production of the bulk honey roasted pecans. The Production Process A wholesaler can also slash costs, due to the large quantities that they sell and the reduced manufacturing and shipping costs that are incurred during the completion of each order. Read More