The Addition of Wholesale Honey Roasted Pecans to Your Inventory

Pecans are a popular tree nut that can be enjoyed as a snack or used as an ingredient that will add texture and a nutty flavor to desserts or main courses. If your business plans include promoting some healthy snacks this fall, purchasing wholesale honey-roasted pecans will save you time and money that can be repurposed during the production of the bulk honey roasted pecans.

The Production Process

A wholesaler can also slash costs, due to the large quantities that they sell and the reduced manufacturing and shipping costs that are incurred during the completion of each order. A wholesaler may conduct all of the pecan preparation steps 'in-house'.

Omitting outside help allows a wholesaler to conduct business quickly and efficiently. A wholesaler may grow pecans on property that they own. Because a batch of nuts can be packaged in the same container, shipping the nuts won't require multiple freight and handling fees.

Wholesale nut employees will collect pecans from an orchard, use fully automated equipment to inspect, clean, and shell a batch of pecans, and package nuts that will be shipped out to consumers. Honey roasted products go through the rigorous testing and cleaning steps that plain pecans go through.

Before the roasting process, a thin coat of honey is applied to the surface of each nut. The honey will provide a batch of pecans with a slightly sweet component. This flavor will be complementary to both savory and sweetmeal options.

The Usage Of Wholesale Pecans

Before placing an order with a wholesaler, acquire the cubic dimensions and weight of a batch of honey roasted pecans. If you will be temporarily storing the nuts within your place of business, a clear bin that contains a lid and a scoop are two items that will preserve the freshness of the nut and allow you to easily access the product.

Nuts that have been shelled will be oblong in length and can be used to adorn the top of a protein bar or another healthy snack that you will be marketing. If you would like the new food product to contain a consistent texture, a food processor can be used to dice wholesale nuts into small pieces. A scale, a plastic heat sealer, and bags are some additional items that can be used to divide nuts into even amounts and package products that are going to be marketed to your target audience. 

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