Tips For Getting Ethiopian Food For The First Time

If you are feeling bored with the normal hot dogs, hamburgers, and steaks that you normally order from a restaurant, you might find yourself more willing to branch out and try new foods. One interesting option is to try going to an Ethiopian restaurant. Here are some tips for going to an Ethiopian restaurant or ordering Ethiopian food for the first time.

1. Get a Pre-made Platter

Chances are good that you aren't going to know exactly what all of the foods on the menu are. If you are truly looking to get the full Ethiopian experience, you are going to want to branch out from foods that you identify. The easiest way to do this is to simply order a pre-made platter. This platter will consist of many different types of Ethiopian foods that you know will go well together in a meal. This will allow you to ensure that you are experiencing a variety of spices and foods without having to worry that you are choosing foods that are going to taste terrible together. 

2. Don't Look for Silverware

If you are ordering the platter at a restaurant, you are going to not find any silverware. This is because the traditional way to eat Ethiopian food is with your hands and pieces of flat bread that you use to hold onto food. The waiter or waitress with either bring your moist towelettes or a towel and water to wash your hands before you start eating. Until you are finished eating, refrain from touching your hair or anything besides the food. If you need to wipe your hands, wipe them on the next piece of bread that you are planning to use.

If you order Ethiopian food to your home, resist the urge to grab a fork or a spoon. You will not be getting the authentic experience if you resort to this. Instead, use the bread that is provided and make sure that you wash your hands yourself before you start eating.

3. Get Coffee

Don't order dessert, since most restaurants will likely only have typical American desserts available or fresh fruit. Instead, go straight to the coffee. Order Ethiopian bean espresso if you want the most authentic experience possible. Ethiopians take their coffee with salt, although sugar will certainly be available.

For more information and suggestions, talk to the Ethiopian restaurant itself. The manager will have menu options for those who are not sure what to try for the first time.