Two Pieces Of Restaurant Equipment Every Bakery Must Have

You may have big dreams about owning and operating your own bakery. Perhaps, you may even be thinking about starting your business right from your own home. While in business it is always a good idea to start small and grow with your profit and customer base to avoid debt, when it comes to food preparation there are always those specific items that you will not be able to do without.

This is especially true in a bakery. here are three pieces of bakery equipment you must have from the restaurant equipment supply store and must make room for one way or another:

Steam Proofer

Before those freshly baked goods roll out of the oven and fryer piping hot, they will likely be in the form of dough. You should know from experience that working with dough is not a process that you can really rush. It must be given the time to settle, rest, and rise appropriately, or the end result is nowhere near as good as it should be. Unfortunately, waiting for hours, in some cases a full day, for dough to rise is not all that feasible in a commercial setting. Therefore, having a steam proofer in your bakery will be the only way that you can get anywhere when it comes to production.

The steam proofer equipment will give you a controlled humidity in a cabinet so you can encourage dough to rise more quickly. A proofer can be large enough that entire baking racks can be pushed inside, designed like a large metal closet with adjustable climate settings. However, a proofer can be small enough to hold just a few trays and sit on a table or countertop. 

Commercial-Duty Stand Mixer

Baking involves a lot of mixing - mixing that a traditional stand mixer will not be able to handle. If you are mixing all day every day, which is highly likely when you own a bakery, you cannot expect commercial-worthy production from an appliance that is designed to be used at home.

Investing in a commercial-duty stand mixer is one of the best ways to make sure you do not end up with a burned out unit every few months, which can get rather costly. The commercial-duty mixer is large enough that it stands on the floor and can handle large batches of ingredients without compromise.

While owning your own bakery can be a lucrative business, a bakery is only as productive as the tools and equipment that is in use in the kitchen. Make sure you carefully consider the items that could help you boost production at the restaurant equipment supply store. To learn more, contact a company like Avante Naples with any questions or concerns you have.