What Should You Use For Emergency Water Containers If You Live In An Apartment?

During a natural disaster such as a flood, earthquake or severe storm, the municipal water supply may be shut off. It also becomes difficult to find bottled water at the store—it's usually one of the first things that goes out of stock. Because of this, it's a good idea to maintain a stockpile of water for you and your family to use in emergencies.

When you live in an apartment, however, space is limited. Some water containers, such as 55-gallon drums, are much too large to keep in an apartment—they would take up a small closet by themselves. Instead, read on to find out what emergency water containers you should keep in your apartment.

Bottled Water

The simplest way to keep an emergency water supply in your apartment is to stockpile bottled water. One-gallon water jugs work best for this purpose. Smaller bottles of water are made of very thin plastic, and they soon warp and begin to leak. One-gallon water jugs are more resilient, but they also begin to break down. If you're using one-gallon water jugs for your emergency water supply, replace them every six months to keep them in good condition.

The downside of using bottled water as your emergency water containers is that it can become expensive compared to other methods. Other emergency water containers can simply be filled from the tap, while you'll have to buy new bottled water every six months. The odd, irregular shape of one-gallon water jugs also makes them take up quite a bit of space in your apartment. Still, this is easily the simplest way to start your water stockpile and prepare for an emergency.

Mylar Bag

It's common for people to fill up their bathtubs whenever severe weather is on the way, since it's a natural holding tank for an emergency water supply. Unfortunately, it's open to the air and can easily become contaminated with bacteria or even parasites—it's not the safest choice to use as a water source.

Using a food-safe mylar bag, however, turns your bathtub into a great emergency water container. You simply place the bag in the tub and then fill it with water. They're also very inexpensive compared to other water storage options.

However, using a mylar bag as your sole emergency water container can be risky. During a disaster, you may not be at home or may not have enough warning before the municipal water supply shuts off. If you're not able to fill it, you may be without water in the event of an emergency.

Water Bricks

Water bricks are emergency water containers that are stackable. This is a great advantage in an apartment where space is at a premium, as you're easily able to hide them out of the way—for example, you can stack them up underneath of your bed or on a hanging shelf inside the closet. They're manufactured in a variety of sizes, which allows you to fit them nearly anywhere. Even though they can be slightly expensive to purchase, they can be filled with tap water and are perfect for apartment use.

While the small living space of an apartment can make storing water difficult, it's still entirely possible to stockpile enough water for you and your family by using a variety of emergency water containers. Stack water bricks in out-of-the way closet niches and keep a mylar bag on hand to fill in case of emergencies. In the meantime, you can stockpile bottled water until you've had the chance to purchase more permanent emergency water containers.